Momenta Workshops | Project New Orleans 2018: Working with Nonprofits workshop

Behind the Frame: Project New Orleans 2018

Our blog is intended to inspire and educate others about documentary photography. In our Behind the Frame series, we’ve asked staff and students to go back to their favorite images over the years…

Five Questions with Allison Zaucha

Join Momenta for a series called “Five Questions with…” and learn more about our workshops from alumni as we interview them about their Momenta experience…

Zach Krahmer: Project Charleston West Award Winner

Meet Zach Krahmer, winner of Momenta’s Project Charleston West Award!

Annabelle Henderson: Lori Minden Tancer Award Winner

Meet Annabelle Henderson, winner of Momenta’s Lori Minden Tancer Award!

Crowdfunding Your Workshop | Interview with Steve Moakley

In Momenta’s ongoing series on crowdfunding your workshop, we speak with alumni who have successfully crowdfunded their workshops.