A Message From Momenta:

Momenta has opted to a change of dates for our Project Sierra Leone workshop for 2014. We’ve chosen to do this out of caution for the safety of our clients, their health, and the situation in the country with the contagion Ebola. Additionally, local and country-wide restrictions on travel would make it very difficult to work in certain areas of the country, affecting the success of the workshop.

For this year, we have decided to allow the medical workers the ability to do their very important jobs without distraction and conduct our workshop a few months later than scheduled. If past history of African Ebola outbreaks is any indication, we fully expect situation to be contained within a few months and normalize. We will conduct our workshop next year when our services will be of the greatest help in recovery and healing. We believe our caution will be rewarded with an even more valuable workshop than initially anticipated and we welcome you to join us in this very brave, special country.