Photographer Randall Hom takes a selfie with children during a Momenta Workshop in Colombia.

Randall Hom: Project NOLA Scholarship Winner

Introducing Randall Hom the winner of the Momenta’s Project NOLA Scholarship!

Photo of a dog in the cab of a truck with a male driver

Oregon Test Drive

Part one of a letter from our Founder on a photography adventure using Sony a7 kits in the wildlands of Oregon.

Where will you be when this is over?

A letter from our Founder on Momenta’s position during the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for our community.

Announcing The West Award: Project Los Angeles 2020!

We are delighted to announce the West Award Scholarship covering full tuition + $500 in travel expenses for one student to attend Project Los Angeles 2018. Apply by Friday, February 2nd.

Sarah Minor: Project Puerto Rico Momenta Scholarship Runner Up

Meet Sarah Minor, Runner-Up of Momenta’s Project Puerto Rico Momenta Scholarship!