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Wednesday August 19 (9-4 Pacific/12-7 Eastern) – REGISTER HERE

$100 general tuition
$ 50 student tuition

Note: A percentage of the proceeds of this workshop will be donated to a nonprofit dedicated to supporting photographers.

Get Funded: Financing Projects

a Momenta #PhotoBizSkills program

Update: This seminar will be held online in a private classroom. We will have 3 scheduled breaks for 30 minutes each. Handouts and login information will be mailed 24 hours prior to the seminar. Due to the current economic climate facing freelancers and businesses, we have cut the pricing of this seminar in half for 2020 and are offering students an additional 50% off with the code: Student.

Have you been struggling to get grants? Have you stopped looking because it just seemed too hard or overwhelming? Then this is the right class for you. We won’t soft pedal it: this day is an intense, full throttle workshop with lots of information. However, you will walk away with a clear idea on what type of funding is out there and how to create a fundraising plan for your next dream project.

Our business skills curriculum is one of the cornerstones of the Momenta Workshops model and we know this workshop will help you get focused to achieve your goals.

You will enjoy a full day of lectures, guest speakers, strategic planning worksheets, and guided question-and-answer sessions. Likewise, you will be able to share this virtual workshop with a group of like-minded photographers who are passionate about documentary and artistic projects. Explore how to successfully finance a personal project and meet your goals with us.

Your 1-Day Financing Bootcamp At a Glance:

   • A full day of presentations, guest speakers, and captivating discussions

   • Lectures on understanding private, public, and personal funding models

   • Budgeting, marketing, grant writing, fundraising and much more will be covered

   • Lively Q&A session on relevant topics for working photographers to grow their dream projects into reality

Start Your Funding Roadmap.

The Logistics

This workshop covers real world concepts to help you create a path to successful fundraising. During this in-depth seminar, you will learn the ins-and-outs for funding your dream project.

Our company co-founder and COO Jamie Rose will explain the 3 types of funding (Public, Private, Personal) you can use to fund your next photo or multimedia project. This full-day seminar will help you decide which projects are worthy of doing a fundraising campaign and the approaches needed to go after each type of funding.

From writing a grant or sponsorship proposal to writing thank you notes when you’re done, this day should set you on the path to funding success.

If you have a personal project in mind but need an extra boost of financing, this is the workshop for you. Laptops or paper for note taking are highly recommended. Every level of photographer will be able to grow and expand their knowledge on personal projects funding and success models.

We offer handouts and worksheets to help you gain better experience in pitching your project, finding the right sources of funding, mapping a project plan for success, and much more.

Join us for this perfect mixture of strategy, art, and business!

What To Expect

  • Lecture #1: Is my project ready for a funding campaign?
  • Lecture #2: How to find Public, Private & Personal Funding
  • Lecture #3: Building A Successful Campaign Start to Finish
  • Guest speaker: an expert on grant writing will join Jamie for an in-depth Q&A
  • Topics Covered: Grant writing; successful crowdfunding approaches; corporate sponsorship; researching a personal project; international vs. domestic assignments; and so much more!

Meet the Experts!

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Our co-Founder and COO Jamie Rose will be leading this workshop and she knows firsthand how to concept, execute, and successfully complete a personal project using public, private and personal funds. Her energy and enthusiasm for helping photographers will boost your creative batteries and help motivate you into the next stage of your project fund raising.

Jamie’s early career was spent in the halls of power as a Press Corps photojournalist covering Capitol Hill and the White House, primarily as a contractor for The New York Times.

Her passion for working with nonprofits led her to documentary coverage of humanitarian crises in Africa, South America, and the Middle East. Her clients included organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, The Calvert Foundation, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria, & Tuberculosis, and Physicians for Human Rights among others.

In 2011, Jamie was awarded the United Nations’ IPC’s Photographers Leadership Award. She has also won an Award of Excellence by The Alexia Foundation, and the prestigious White House News Photographers’ Association Project Grant for her portfolio of nonprofit health care providers in East Africa. In 2008, she helped to co-found Momenta, which taught more than 900 photographers during 60 workshops on 5 continents. 

Jamie is considered an expert in nonprofit photography and business development. She has been featured by Photo District News (PDN), News Photographer Magazine, and numerous online publications about the importance of nonprofit documentary photography. She received her Master’s Degree in photojournalism from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University and her bachelor’s degree from American University.

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