A Momenta Mentoring 3-month Cohort

Welcome to the Get Funded mentoring cohort in collaboration with Wildfire Media, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Consider this a masterclass level program focused on getting you set up with the tools to create consistent, lucrative funding as fast as possible.

If you have struggled with creating a strategic plan for your creative project, finding the right donors, or hunting down the right funding, this is the perfect 3-month program for you. Together, we will help you create an incredible project proposal with a multi-year, sustainable funding model.

And, for eligible and interested applicants, we help you pitch your project for a Fiscal Sponsorship with Wildfire Media. With a sponsorship, you can start grant writing as a nonprofit organization without all the paperwork and hassle of setting up one yourself.

3 Monthly Sprints = 1 Incredible Masterclass

With the Get Funded Mentoring cohort, you sign on for three individual monthly “sprints”. We rotate between personal and team meetings to ensure your funding process moves forward quickly. Our extensive research into other programs found 6-12 month mentorship courses can create project fatigue, missed deadlines, or worse, stalled progress. Our model gets you working right away towards your funding goals while keeping you and your cohort motivated and inspired.

Small Group + Individual Strategy Sessions

We brought together two of the most successful elements of our in-person programs: one-on-one coaching sessions and small group community building. Every week, the cohort will rotate between group meetings and private working sessions with your Get Funded faculty to achieve your weekly, monthly, and project goals. Group happy hours and Basecamp chats allow camaraderie and sharing of information with ease.

Human Interactions = Faster Growth

Our programs are highly specialized for your project goals. We didn’t just record a few videos and throw a couple of worksheets at you and hope for the best. This curriculum has been specifically crafted to be a personalized approach to your funding needs. We help you hone in your goals, strategically plan for desired outcomes, and get direct feedback from trained professionals to help you achieve results fast.

Incredible Faculty

Our vetted faculty hail from philanthropic and fundraising organizations, as well as top media organizations. During our group meetings, we will provide insight on what entices funders, tips for award-winning proposals, and how to find the best fit for your project’s funding. The presentations and guided Q&A are intended to fine-tune your skills and concentrate your fundraising efforts for optimal success.

Click on the document below to view the Get Funded course curriculum. If you still have questions, you can always contact our office for a copy of the PDF document. When you register for the program, you will also receive this document automatically along with the first Sprint’s Pre-Work Tip Sheets.

Cohort #1

Location: Online

Dates: June 1 – August 27, 2021

Group Meetings: Wednesdays 5-7 pm Pacific / 7-9 Eastern

Limited Availability: 8 spaces maximum per cohort

Cost: $1000 per month if you sign up for one sprint at a time or $2700 if you register for all three sprints at once


Get Funded Weekly Topics. The weekly meetings will include the following topics for your personalized proposal building exercises and strategic planning.


  • Fundraising Basics & Best Practices
  • What is a Fiscal Sponsorship & how to apply?
  • Creating a Project Brief
  • Creating an Artist Statement
  • Creating a Grant Budget
  • Creating a Letter of Intent


  • Research Grant & Foundation Funding
  • Strategic Fundraising: Part I
  • Strategic Fundraising: Part II
  • Developing Your Network
  • Prepare your Digital Footprint for Fundraising


  • Relationship Building with Foundations
  • Non-Grant Funding Resources
  • Perfecting your Pitch Deck
  • Strategic Planning for Consistent Funding
  • Pitching Your Project

 And, yes, you will have homework but we promise to make it as enjoyable as possible! Your weekly goals will be assessed with your mentor team and aimed at building a strategic fundraising plan for your specific project.


Momenta Mentorship Philosophy

Why Join A Cohort?

co•hort: /˚kõ-hört/ noun. 1. An educational cohort is a group of students with similar experiences and concerns who work through a curriculum together to achieve the same academic goal together. In an cohort, there is an expectation of richness to the learning process due to the multiple perspectives offered by the individuals.

Projects succeed with a great team.
Going at a project on your own is difficult to say the least. Likewise, trying to produce, revise, and pitch that project without support can be frustrating and isolating. Creative projects thrive when surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals to bolster and enhance your vision. You won’t just have one mentor with our Mentorship program; you’ll have a community with whom you can engage, brainstorm, and solicit for feedback in a structured and supportive environment.

Accountability is easier with a coach.
When you listen to successful entrepreneurs, politicians, and athletes, they usually say they couldn’t have achieved their goals without a great team. Olympians rely on coaches. Politicians rely on advisors. CEOs rely on great directors. Creatives need that too but rarely seek long term advisors out during critical planning stages. Our program is aimed at stopping the cycle of solo project development and finding you a professional coach to lean on and learn from as you stride towards your objectives.

Strategic planning is a game changer.
It’s easy to get lost in the day to day and let projects lag for years. One day, you may open your  news browser and see someone else had a similar idea but they “got it to market” before you. Our mentorship program wants nothing more than to see you hone your vision, plan for success, and achieve your goals. We strive to do this quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

You can do this and we know we can help. Join a team and let’s start planning for success!

If you would like to discuss this program more, reach out to our team via email or at our office line, US+1-202-688-1448 . We are happy to help find the perfect program for you.


  • Learn: Analyze successful models for projects with fundraising success
  • Build: Construct key elements of a fundraising proposal
  • Research: Learn how to find the right funding for your project
  • Plan: Develop a calendar and funding strategy
  • Execute: Get applications and proposals out the door quickly and effeciently

Meet Your Mentor

Momenta’s COO Jamie Rose will be your Mentor guiding you through this course.
Jamie is a 20 year veteran of working with nonprofits joined throughout the course and she will be joined by additional faculty throughout the program to support your project and fundraising needs.


Jamie Rose Portrait | Jamie Rose Photography Workshops, Jamie Rose Nonprofit Photography Workshops, Jamie Rose Photojournalism Workshops, Jamie Rose Travel Photography Workshops | Momenta | Momenta WorkshopsJamie Rose

Jamie is co-Founder and COO of Momenta Group, LLC which operates Momenta Workshops and Momenta Creative, and manages Wildfire Media, a nonprofit dedicated to documentary storytelling. Her early career was spent in the halls of power as a Press Corps photojournalist covering Capitol Hill and the White House, primarily as a long-term contractor for The New York Times.

Her passion for working with nonprofits led her to documentary coverage of humanitarian and health crises in Africa, North and South America, and the Middle East. Her clients included organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, The Calvert Foundation, The Global Fund, and Physicians for Human Rights.

In 2011, Jamie was awarded the United Nations’ Photographers Leadership Award. Her long-term photo projects have won acclaim from the Alexia Foundation and The White House News Photographers’ Association for her portfolio of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) health care workers in wartime Northern Uganda.
Jamie is considered an expert in nonprofit communications and has been interviewed about the importance of storytelling in nonprofit communications by The Candid Frame, Photo District News (PDN), Around the Lens, Photography Talk, Creative Marketing & Business Podcast, and News Photographer Magazine, among others. She has been an invited lecturer on communications for nonprofits at Harvard University, Columbia University, Georgetown University, University of Oregon, NPPA’s Northern Short Course, and her alma maters.
Jamie holds degrees in Literature and Communications from American University and Visual Interactive Communications from the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. She also runs the popular blog, Jamie’s List which promotes jobs and opportunities for creatives. She lives in the mountains of Oregon with her husband, co-founder of Momenta John Chris Anderson, and their rescue dog, Cody. Please don’t look up her website because it’s woefully out of date and will be redesigned hopefully someday before the next decade. Better yet, visit Momenta’s Instagram or Student Archives to see her editing work. 

Momenta Mentorship Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear directly from people who have completed a Mentoring program with us.


Julia Rendleman, Documentary Photojournalist.
I wanted to learn about the world of funding and grants outside of the “photo world.” Fundraising under a fiscal sponsorship was a process I had no idea about. I didn’t even know where the door was, let alone how to open it. I didn’t know how to search for funding.

Jamie was detail-oriented, experienced, business-driven. My expectations were met: I understand what philanthropic organizations and foundations are looking for and the importance of a time-saving LOI. If you are curious about widely expanding your pool of potential revenue and grant funding, do it! 

Dr. Catherine Carter, Nonprofit Multimedia Creator.
Absolutely don’t hesitate for a moment! A Momenta Mentorship will change your practice and your outlook and force you to go into areas that you never, ever considered. It has given me an insight that I could not have gotten any other way. I learned much in every area of the project. First, I learned how to motivate myself to keep going and a long-term project is actually long! Second, I learned the importance of consistency. Third, I gained experience in conducting a good interview.

In addition to these, I did see a change in the purpose of my project as it progressed. Jamie’s graciousness and ability to tell me what needed to change without actually coming out and saying it was terrible was superb. She helped me to see how the project could be stronger and more interesting. Her comments invariably sparked ideas that I could run with. My project achieved its intended goals and I credit that to the guidance of Jamie Rose.

Are You Looking for the Fine Print?

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This cohort was designed for people who are ready to learn, are flexible, and have a general idea for a project for which they’d like to raise money. 

Yes, this program is going to be hard work but we promise it will be manageable and motivating. It will take personal commitment and dedication from you but we know it will be worth it in the end.  But, if you’re committed to your goals, we stand at the ready to support you and your project’s growth.

You can always reach out to us via phone or email to ask questions about this program or see if your project is the right fit for this cohort. We want this to be the year your project succeeds beyond your expectations and we value your trust in us to help you get there.

We can do this together and we hope you will have fun along the way!

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