The Journey

The Photo Alliance
7800 Oak St
New Orleans, LA 70118

April 6-9, 2021

Tuition: $1500

Limited Enrollment:
15 available spaces
8 spaces remaining

Project New Orleans 2021

Working with Nonprofits

This workshop is our longest running and most popular program because New Orleans is a city unlike any other. This year has changed the city in ways not seen since Hurricane Katrina. The effects of COVID-19 have taken away many nonprofit safety nets and left their clients in serious need.

As we work side-by-side to help the local nonprofits in their recovery, this workshop will be more powerful and more necessary than any we have ever seen before. Trust us when we say: your photography will never be more needed.

Momenta is deeply rooted in New Orleans. For every year since our founding, Momenta has been working with the incredibly dedicated nonprofit teams in the Crescent City. The nonprofits benefit from your brilliant photos by using them to tell their story to the world and you will learn real-world skills to documenting humanitarian issues.

You can be a force of change. On this inspirational workshop, you will be paired with a local nonprofit to create a powerful photo essay about their staff and all their efforts to fulfill their mission. You’ll also have a full day of educational lectures, hands-on instruction to help improve your technical skills, as well as daily one-on-one editing sessions. We will end our week together with a huge public slideshow party celebrating the amazing nonprofits from your projects!

Scroll down this page to learn about your instructors, the details, and the program description. 

Your photography skills can change lives.

This workshop will inspire, challenge, and invigorate your photography like no other.

  • Work directly with local nonprofit staff and clients
  • 1-on-1, personalized editing for each student, every day for an hour or more
  • Lectures on inspirational documentary photography 
  • Our public slideshow party will end the week together
Be a Force of Change!

The Destination

At Momenta, we believe in the power of photography as a force of change and we know the residents of NOLA value that supportive change. After facing down hurricanes, the Gulf Oil Spill, and historically fast gentrification in the past decade, the people and nonprofits on the city still work tirelessly to make their city as prosperous as ever.

Our workshops have increased health, PPE, and safety protocols so you can feel fully comfortable during our small group interactions. In terms of our health and safety protocols, we take great care and caution with our #MomentaFamily and next year will be no exception. As the world begins to reopen, Momenta remains committed to supporting you as you document the nonprofits who are working day and night to recover from the latest series of global crises.

Join Momenta on this unique workshop to participate with the devoted volunteers of the Crescent City. Volunteer your time and skills to document their tremendous hard work and resilience. You will be a part of the effort to help each and every nonprofit on their path to a successful future. You, in turn, will walk away with a successful photo package to use in your portfolio to market yourself to other nonprofits clients and collaborators.

If you’ve never been on a workshop with us before, we recommend you visit the blog series,  5 Questions With…, to read interviews with our alumni here. You will come to learn about the #MomentaFamily and the amazing experiences of those who came before you.

We will focus our work with local NGOs and nonprofits of varying specialization and scale. From musical preservation organizations to community outreach to animal rescue, workshop attendees will be given the task of creating compelling visual or multimedia narrative packages in collaboration with their assigned nonprofit. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience!

What To Expect

  • An unparalleled chance to use your photography skills to help local nonprofits thrive
  • Your own nonprofit partner to work with, based on your answers to a detailed pre-workshop student questionnaire
  • Momenta’s management of pre-workshop logistics to find your nonprofit assignments 
  • You keep the copyright to all your photographs; each attendee donates a license to a collection of images to your local nonprofit partner so they can use them to promote the great work they are doing
  • Supportive direction and intensive instruction on photo workflow and file management
  • Option to participate in nighttime group discussions throughout the week such as the ethics and equity of community and documentary coverage, business skills for photographers and much more.
  • One hour per day of 1-on-1, private editing sessions with an instructor to help build your style and skills
  • Orientation lectures guide you on narrative storytelling, elements of a photo story, the importance of documentary photography, & much more

Join Us in The Big Easy!

Meet Your NOLA Faculty

Jamie Rose Portrait | Jamie Rose Photography Workshops, Jamie Rose Nonprofit Photography Workshops, Jamie Rose Photojournalism Workshops, Jamie Rose Travel Photography Workshops | Momenta | Momenta WorkshopsJamie Rose

Jamie is co-Founder and COO of Momenta Group, LLC, which owns Momenta Workshops, Momenta Creative, and manages Wildfire Media, a nonprofit dedicated to documentary storytelling. Her early career was spent in the halls of power as a Press Corps photojournalist covering Capitol Hill and the White House, primarily as a long term contract for The New York Times.

Her passion for working with nonprofits led her to documentary coverage of humanitarian and health crisis in Africa, North and South America, and the Middle East…

…Her clients included organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, The Calvert Foundation, The Global Fund, and Physicians for Human Rights among others.

In 2011, Jamie was awarded the United Nations’ Photographers Leadership Award. Her long term photo projects have won acclaim from the Alexia Foundation and The White House News Photographers’ Association for her portfolio of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) health care workers in wartime Northern Uganda.
Jamie is considered an expert in nonprofit communications and has been interviewed about the importance of storytelling in nonprofit communications by The Candid Frame, Photo District News (PDN), Around the Lens, Photography Talk, Creative Marketing & Business Podcast, and News Photographer Magazine among others. She has been an invited lecturer on communications for nonprofits at The Foundation Center, Colombia University, Georgetown University, University of Oregon, the Northern Short Course, as well as her alma maters.
Jamie holds degrees in Literature and Communications from American University and Visual Interactive Communications from the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. She also runs the popular blog, Jamie’s List  which promotes jobs and opportunities for creatives. She lives in the mountains of Oregon with her husband, co-founder of Momenta John Chris Anderson, and their rescue dog, Cody. Please don’t look up her website because it’s woefully out of date and will be redesigned hopefully someday before the next decade. Better yet, visit or

Annie Flanagan | Documentary Travel Photography, Photojournalism & Multimedia WorkshopsAnnie Flanagan

Annie Flanagan is one of the most popular mentors at Momenta because of their candor, great attitude, and brilliant editing.

Annie is a photographer, filmmaker and educator whose work primarily focuses on trauma, gender and sexuality in the United States. Annie holds a M.S. from Syracuse University’s…

… S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication. Their work has been recognized by organizations including Alexia Foundation, iPOY, Burn Magazine and New Orleans Photo Alliance. Their select clients include The New York Times, ESPN, ProPublica and Mother Jones.

Annie grew up in Washington, D.C. and currently lives in New Orleans. See Annie’s work at

Marianne Hawkins Sabrier | Documentary Travel Photography, Photojournalism & Multimedia WorkshopsMarianne Hawkins Sabrier

Marianne is a born and bred New Orleans native, enjoying photography as a second career. Together with her husband Steve, she runs an amazingly successful wedding and portrait business, The Red M Studio. Marianne and Steve have been delighting their clients with their clean, bold, authentic photographic style since 2011. Marianne is a passionate storyteller with a keen eye for capturing moments that matter and that has made her one of our favorite editors on a workshop.

While studying and researching for her documentary style, Marianne attended Momenta Workshops Project New Orleans and fell in love with the Momenta family. She has returned as a professional mentor and coach for the past three years with rave reviews from our students. We are delighted to have another alum on our Momenta team! Visit Marianne’s website at

Are You Looking for the Fine Print?

Click through the tabs below for more info.

1. Do you recommend hotels or have a group rate somewhere?
Our workshop headquarters is at 7800 Oak St., New Orleans, LA 70118. We offer suggestions on local  inns, hotels, and hostels. However, we allow each person to find their own accommodations based on their budget. We send registered attendees a list so you can see some of the local options.

2. When should I arrive/depart? What’s the general schedule?
The workshop begins at 10 am CST on Tuesday and concludes at 9 p.m. on Friday night after the final slideshow party. A number of attendees choose to arrive a day early to get their bearings and possibly try to meet with their nonprofits. The French Quarter Festival is that weekend as well so many people will be staying through Sunday or Monday to enjoy the festivities.

3. How do you pick a nonprofit for me? What if I want a very specific nonprofit?
Each attendee fills out a questionnaire to help our staff learn their interests, experience, and goals. The questionnaire is a very important part of our process at Momenta. Your answers will allow us to get to know you and your goals as well as help find the good match with a nonprofit to help you build your skills.

If you want to find your own nonprofit:
We applaud any photographer who wants to try this process out on their own! We love when photographers choose this option because it helps you find the perfect NPO for you. Plus, you learn even more about working with nonprofits as a client when you are able to research and work with them on being your workshop assignment. We still ask you to fill out the questionnaire anyway and indicate this choice on your form.

If you want to search for your own nonprofit, we are happy to work with you to help you find a nonprofit that suits your goals. This is the best way to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your nonprofit assignment for the week and get a little extra learning out of the process.

We have a template email we give you to send to the nonprofits you are interested in joining for the workshop and we also do a phone meeting to help you get started.

If you want Momenta to assign you to a nonprofit:
That’s cool too! We are totally willing to do this for you. You start by filling out the questionnaire we send you approximately 45 days prior to the workshop.

Once we get all the forms in from the attendees and the nonprofits, we will make the assignments and introductions approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the workshop.

4. Who keeps the copyright to the images?
You do. You made them = you own the copyright. A Photo Release Agreement is sent to all parties to sign via DocuSign confirming you are the copyright holder of the images, you give Momenta and the nonprofit permission to use your images for outreach or educational purposes, etc. More details will come on the pre-workshop emails about this process.

5. Do I need a car?
We do recommend having a car if you feel comfortable driving but it is not required. If you won’t be driving yourself, we ask you to let us know on the questionnaire because we need to take that into consideration when we do the nonprofit assignments.

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